Sep 2018 Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS); Political Economy of Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Lecture
June 2018 Sussex; University; UK; Should I trade or should I go (to war)? Lessons from the Second Intifada; Lecture
June 2018 Oxford University; UK; Should I trade or should I go (to war)? Lessons from the Second Intifada; Lecture
April 2018 Doha; Qatar; The Experience of Muslim Women in Western Labor Markets; Lecture  and Discussant
April 2018 Amsterdam; Netherlands; Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS); Training
Feb 2018 Exeter University; UK; One Democratic State in Historic Palestine; Workshop-Speaker
Nov 2017 The General Assembly– The World Parliament; Berlin; Regulations of the Global Economy; Lecture
Oct 2017 Department of International Development; Oxford New perspectives on the political economy of the Middle East; Workshop-Attending
Sep 2017 The Curiosity Carnival; Oxford; I’m a Researcher, Get me out of here; Public Competition for Researchers
May 2017 The High Fellow up Committee for Arab in Israel; Human Capital and Economic Development; Organizer and Keynote Speaker
May 2017 Madar Institute- Ramallah; Palestinian-Arab Society in Israel: Gaps and Challenges; Lecture
Jan 2017 Van Leer Jerusalem Institute; The Impact of Labor Market Reforms on the Working Poor; Lecture
Sep 2016 Masirh, Israel; Poverty among Palestinian Women in Israel; Keynote Speaker
Sep 2016 Robert Bosch Academy, Germany; Employment and poverty in Israel – a gender and ethnic perspective; Lecture
May 2016 Ministry of Education, Israel; Learning the hard way: The effect of violent conflict on student academic achievement; Keynote Speaker
May 2016 Joint, Israel; Educational-Occupational Mismatch as a Generator of Income Inequality in Israel; Keynote Speaker
Mar 2016 Sapir Conference (Sapir Academic College, Israel; The politics of the work; Lecture
Mar 2016 Middle East Economic Association, 15th International Conference (Doha, Qatar); Should I trade or should I go (to war)? Lessons from the Second Intifada; Lecture
Oct 2015 Institute for Economic Research (DIW) (Berlin, Germany); Israeli settlements and the radicalization of the Palestinians; Lecture
Dec 2014 Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS); Economics in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Organizer and Lecture
Nov 2014 Haifa University; Civilian Terror: Crime and violence among the Israeli Arab; Lecture
Jan 2014 Eamaar Association For Economic Development; Poverty Among Israeli Arab Community; Discussant
Jan 2014 Mandel Leadership Institute- Israel; Labor Market Discrimination; Lecture