Working Papers

  1. “Educational-Occupational Mismatch as a Generator of Income Inequality in Israel,”  (With Amit Lazarus).
  2. “Transitions into Education and Employment for Young Arab Adults in Israel” (with Nasreen Hadad Haj-Yahya; Nabil Khattab and Izhak Schnell).
  3. “Should I trade or should I go (to war)? Lessons from the Second Intifada,” (with Massimiliano Calì ).
    • Winner, 2016, Middle East Economic Association Prize; “Best Paper Award” for the best paper presented at any of MEEA conferences between January 2016 and January 2017.
  4. “Do Israeli settlements radicalize Palestinians?” (with  Massimiliano Calì).
  5. “Employment and conflict in Palestine,” (with Massimiliano Calì and Belal Fallah).
  6. “Ethnic Capital and Class Reproduction: Comparing the Impact of  Socio-Economic Status on Children’s Educational Attainment across Ethno-Religious Groups in Israel ,” (with Nabil Khattab, Vered Kraus and Yoval Yonay ).
  7. “Explaining Arab Women Labor Market participation in Israel:The impact of Socio-demographic and public policy factors, “. (with Nabil Khattab).
  8. “Ethnic and religious penalties in the Canadian labour market: new evidence from the 2011 National Household Survey”. (with Nabil Khattab).